La Cuarta Voz

Puerto Rico has tried thrice, but will the forth time do the trick? This territory that forms part of the United States wants to become the 51st state by claiming their right to statehood. In the three previous attempts this was not achieved. Not because the U.S. forbade them, but because the Puerto Ricans were against it. Has the time come for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state, or will this turn out to be another failed attempt?

Puerto Rico became an American territory after the invasion of 1898. Ever since, the territory has grown first to supersede the 60,000 inhabitants required to request statehood and now, to hold a population of almost four million inhabitants. Since Puerto Rico met all the requirements to become a state, in 1967 they held the first plebiscite questioning citizens on their preferences on the status of the island. Less than…

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